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I find it harder writing reviews for audiobooks because I can’t make notes or mark a page as easily as I can with a physical book or e-book. So I thought I would write some mini-reviews.

These are a few of the audiobooks I’ve listened to recently and some of my thoughts about them.


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Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle                                         

Dear Wife

Published June 25th, 2019 by Harlequin Audio


Loved it!

One woman is on the run. One woman is missing.

This is a new beginning for Beth. New name, new look….new life. A life far away from her abusive husband.  Beth has been planning this for more than a year. She won’t take any chances. This HAS to work.

Sabine Hardison is missing. It doesn’t look like she’s taken anything with her.  The police are stumped. Then her car is…

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