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The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica is now available and even though Norma and I both recommend this story for a fun and entertaining read are thoughts on this one are like oil and water. I am the oil and Norma’s the water. Our reviews might not mix but we sure had fun!!

Norma’s Water

Compulsive, twisty & wholly absorbing!

There is a reason that I have been an avid fan of this author since her debut novel,The Good Girl. She writes these extremely unsettling and twisty thrillers that are absolutely hypnotic to read. She has this ability at setting the mood that hooks me in almost immediately. There also is this strong sense of foreboding that I find extremely appealing making it quite the suspenseful read.

THE OTHER MRS. by MARY KUBICA is a fast-paced, chilling, dark, psychological thriller that is absolutely unputdownable. Even though I had…

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4 thoughts on “The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica @HarlequinBooks @parkrowbooks

  1. Am I the only person who finds mental illness as a plot ploy, let alone one for the husband to utilize for murder as irresponsible, dangerous and coming from a great state of privilege on her part? A great writer can create that sense of thrill without dragging mental illness, let alone leading readers to think that women could create such heinous deeds, be such heinous parents and never have trusting partners, if they are being treated for mental illness.

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    1. Sometimes I dislike the way it is done. I read one book that made it sound like every woman with postpartum depression was psycho. Sometimes it works with the story, in my opinion. I think sometimes it is the easy way out, so to speak. But at times it makes for great entertainment.

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      1. At a time when everytime a mass shooting happens, it is (wrongly) blamed on mental health issues? Not to mention all the other existing stigmas? This was not the right time or way. That is just my opinion.

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  2. Sometimes I think it helps bring awareness to problems, like mental illness. Many people that do suffer can’t get the help they need and I think in some situations, books and things like that can bring out enough information to cause people to do research and do something to improve situations. I do think there are many times that people use it as an excuse, or just an easy answer for what they don’t understand.

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