BOOK REVIEW – The Swap by Robyn Harding

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The Swap

Expected publication: June 23rd, 2020 by Gallery/Scout Press

A dark and intriguing story. A wild ride!!

17-year-old, Swallow (Low) Morrison is graduating in three months but she could care less about prom, parties, or even college. As usual, Low is sitting by herself the day Freya Light walks into the high school and posts an advertisement for pottery classes. Low feels a magnetic pull towards this woman. She texts Freya about the classes. It takes a while but Freya finally responds saying classes start the following Monday.

This woman is going to change her life in a big way.

Soon Mondays are Low’s favorite day of the week. Every Monday she heads to Freya’s after school. Freya is patient and encouraging when teaching pottery to Low.  She tells Low how much she enjoys her company.

“Her attention nourished me“

Freya loves the fact that Low so obviously adores her.


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