Q & A with Kimberly Belle in Our Behind the Pages Goodreads Group @KimberlySBelle

Penny For Our Thoughts

Kimberly Belle joined us in our Behind the Pages Goodreads group to talk about her newest book Stranger in the Lake. Kimberly Belle is so thoughtful and one of my favorite authors to chat with. I love to share the love for her and her books. It’s easy to see how much she loves to talk about her books and share her love for her stories and characters. Today I am excited to share some of our Q & A with you all!

Lindsay: Hi Kimberly! Thank you for being here with us. I just finished Stranger In The Lake last night and LOVED it!!! Wow – it was fantastic!

That setting was fabulous – such an atmospheric read. The atmosphere in the book almost felt like a character of its own to me. Did you plan for it to be that way?

 Kimberly: Thank you, so…

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