Books To Read For Fans Of Gillian Flynn

Ludwig's Thrillers

Looking for thrillers that compare to Gillian Flynn’s creepy, bizarre, disturbing and completely addictive novels? Today’s list features a couple of books that you might want to check out if you love a Gillian-Flynn-like atmosphere in your psychological thrillers. If you have any more suggestions to add to this list, don’t hesitate to share!

1. Grist Mill Road by Christopher J. Yates

This book is absolutely twisted. The writing is very impeccable and compelling, as the story – as it alternates between 1982 and 2008 – explores a wicked father-son relationship, in the most terrifying way.

In 1982: we have a fascinating setting: mountains, glacial ponds, rock cliffs…where three friends—Patrick, Matthew, and Hannah—are bound together by a horrific crime.

In 2008: we’re taken to New York City, where the three friends – living new lives – meet again, but this time

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