Never Tell by Lisa Gardner @LisaGardnerBks @BrilliancePub

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Never Tell
Evie Carter returns home to find her husband dead in his office chair, obviously shot and holding the weapon. When she sees what’s on his computer screen, Evie grabs the gun and shoots the computer…twelve times. And that’s what the police see moments later when they arrive and assume the obvious. Detective D. D. Warren joins the scene and recognizes Evie from a case many years ago when she was a teen. Meanwhile, Flora Dane sees the news report on television and recognizes Evie’s husband, Conrad Carter, from a time during her captivity with abductor Jacob Ness.

This all happens within the first chapter so my imagination immediately launched into several theories. It was all perplexing, trying to figure out what Evie saw on that computer, who really killed Conrad and what was he doing with Jacob Ness. The case went in a lot of directions, especially when Flora finally…

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