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I strongly believe nobody could do police procedural as author Carol Wyer. Before starting the book, I had a wish that some writer in this genre would use the thought I had for the killer. And Carol did it!! It was my dream come true. And yes, some days I have evil ones too.

This book had many things going for it, a strong yet slightly broken protagonist, Kate Young, intriguing yet gruesome murders, and a killer who was intelligent and stayed one step ahead. That got my interest peaking.

The team assisting Kate was small yet determined, and I loved how forensics played a good part in the story. Swiftly paced, the prose had the investigation…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review – An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer @carolewyer @DamppebblesBTs #BookReview #BookBlogger #policeprocedural

    1. You’re very welcome. I’ll be listening to An Eye For An Eye this week on Audible on my way to and from work. 🙂 I have enjoyed all of your books that I’ve read so far. 💜📖


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