Educated by Tara Westover @tarawestover @PRHAudio

Blue Mood Café

the setup…

Tara Westover is the youngest of six children born to Mormon survivalist parents from Clifton, Idaho who had strong ideologies and mistrust of anything associated with the government. She never went to public school and had limited teaching at home from one of her siblings and sometimes her mother. When she was 17-years old, she left her family home in the mountains of Buck’s Peak to enroll in Brigham Young University based solely on having passed the ACT tests with an exceptional score. She eventually earned a PhD from Cambridge University, having somehow earned scholarships, qualifying for grants and working to fund her education. But it’s her personal journey that preceded her education that is the strongest message of her story.

the heart of the story…

Tara’s father owned a scrapyard and all of the children were expected to help out, beginning at a young age and ending…

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