From Book to Film: Upcoming Adaptations

Kristen Twardowski

With the recent successes of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, more and more novels are being adapted for the big screen. The following books are all ones that have been optioned for films. Because film adaptations are always a gamble, I am curious to see how these will turn out.

(If nothing else, there seem to be quite a few more thrillers in our cinematic futures.)

—      —     —

Second Life by S.J. Watson

Julia, a wife and mother, is living a double life. After her sister’s brutal murder, Julia attempts to hunt down her killer. As she continues her search, she is drawn into a sordid world of sex, addiction, and obsession. It turns out that finding justice for her sister may come with a price.

Watson’s novel is being adapted by Warner Bros. and is in development.

Ashley’s War by Gayle…

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