Best Historical Fiction and Audiobooks of 2018 #Bestof2018


After this I only have one more post to share so my best reads series is almost wrapped up! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite HF and also my favorite audiobooks. I’ve always liked audiobooks but this year I listened to so many more than in the past and I believe audiobooks are very underrated. I’ve even seen people say that it shouldn’t count as real reading?! I don’t get that mentality at all, but I would love to hear what you think.

Best HF

The Dream Daughter was my first DC book and I’ve been slowly working my way through her backlist since I read this. This may actually be the best book I’ve read all year, it had a little something for everyone.

I love Fiona Davis and have read all three of her books and The Masterpiece was an amazing story.

This was my first Camille Di…

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2 thoughts on “Best Historical Fiction and Audiobooks of 2018 #Bestof2018

  1. There’s a trilogy ‘while the world is still asleep’ I really liked. I do think audiobooks are real reading. For a time I listened to them all day at work it was great! More ‘active’ reading

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