The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard @cathryanhoward @BlackstoneAudio @AlanaKCollins #TheNothingMan

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The Nothing Man
When Eve Black was 12-years old, her family was murdered by a serial rapist and killer called The Nothing Man. She was the only survivor. It’s been over fifteen years and she’s gathered the courage to write a book about her experience and the other families that were attacked by this man. Jim Doyle is a supermarket security guard who sees the book on the store shelf. He’s keenly interested in it because he was The Nothing Man. He becomes enraged as he reads the book and realizes that Eve is getting closer to figuring out his identity.

I was really worried I’d be underwhelmed by this book because so many of my friends and others raved about it. Well, now I know what all the fuss is about because this was one heck of a listening experience! Every time I started listening to the story it was tough finding…

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